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Study Spanish is the most important organization in Europe dedicated to offering Spanish courses in Spain. Our importance primarily lies in the fact that we exclusively focus our work on organizing Spanish courses. Our commitment to our specific field allows us to dedicate all of our energy towards developing and improving the quality of our services while efficiently managing our schools.

Our extensive experience and commitment to student needs have helped us improve and enrich our training and after-class activities programs. They have also taught us how to offer specialized attention to satisfy the interests of our students.

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The word of the day


Salud y enfermedad II

Spanish Word

(dal-to-NIS-mo) Sustantivo masculino.
Translation: Colour blindness


(De J. Dalton, 1776-1844, físico y químico inglés que padecía esta enfermedad).


1. m. Defecto de la vista, que consiste en no percibir determinados colores o en confundir algunos de los que se perciben.

Spanish language courses in Spain

don Quijote has their own schools in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca and Tenerife / Puerto de la Cruz. Create your own personalized study abroad experience by combining different destinations!

Our special option "combining Spanish study destinations" is for people that would like to discover the linguistic and cultural diversity of Spain while mastering the Spanish language and living an unforgettable experience.

Each region and city of Spain features unique traditions and cultures. The best way to understand and enjoy the rich culture of these regions is simply by visiting them!

You are welcome to combine as many different destinations as you like as part of the same study program!

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